By combining B2M’s strengths with our client’s core competences, we help foreign brands to succeed in France. Here is an illustration of the B2M process with some examples of our achievements.


The first step in the market can be the most difficult one. The learning curve is often steep and sometimes products, packaging or communication need to be adapted to france. B2M can assist you. We helped Van der Gucht, a Belgian manufacturer of garden ceramics, to enter the market by selling their products to supermarket chain Intermarché.


Obtaining a product listing with a national chain gives your brand a national visibility and credibility to drive other listings. B2M will manage the listing process in close cooperation with your team.B2M obtained a national and online listing for British TV stand manufacturer AVF in the Boulanger CE retail chain.


Most french multiple retailers are increasingly developing their own label products (called MDD "Marque De Distributeur"). Although this represents a margin challenge it forges a closer link to retailers and the volume opportunities are substantial.British TV stand manufacturer AVF produces the wall mounts for the Temium brand of the FNAC-Darty group.


You may already have gained some distribution in France. The challenge is then how to maximise turnover from existing customers. B2M will act as key account manager to ensure that sales targets and objectives are met and/or exceeded.B2M obtained a national listing for spanish mirror manufacturer Gonzalez Arte y Decoracion in all Swiss stores of the French Conforama Group.


Once you are established in the market you might decide to put more permanent partnerships in place. B2M can help you by continuing to manage key accounts, sales agents, supply chain and marketing partners.B2M managed the French market for the Dutch Bredemeijer Group, helping them to change distributors and managing key accounts in the tea accessories business such as tea retailer Mariage Frères.

If you want your brand to succeed in France, contact the B2M team for an initial conversation.

We look forward to helping YOU succeed.