B2M offer a unique combination of skills and experience which we put at the disposal of our clients to help them succeed in France.


The B2M team combines over 50 years of activity in senior sales, export, marketing, logistics and buying roles. This means we have an understanding of the different perspectives of the various partners involved in your project.


Since 2006 B2M has helped numerous foreign brands on their way to success in France. This means that we can often hit the ground running on your project saving time and avoiding costly mistakes.


B2M has an extensive contact network across the entire French non-food supply chain. Whether you need in-store merchandising or French language content for digital platforms we have reliable partners in our adress book!


B2M can add value to strategy and marketing but our main focus is on customer facing challenges. Typically, we will liaise with senior commercial management and the marketing team if required whilst concentrating our effort on field sales and prospecting.


Our CRM system and online IT platform allows for smooth and seamless communication and great operational efficiency. Our team has instant and secure access to all information, anytime, anywhere.


Based in France, the B2M team has experience of working in the UK, BENELUX and Germany. Therefore we are in an ideal position to bridge any cultural and language gaps.

If you want your brand to succeed in France, contact the B2M team for an initial conversation.

We look forward to helping YOU succeed.